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NEW Energy has more than 25 years of enormous experience in the design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning Process Analyzer Systems to measure chemical and physical properties of gas and liquid streams.

We have the capability to designs and assembles complete measurement solutions taking into account the process requirements, customer specifications, sample properties and the analyzer requirements, in order to: repeatedly and accurately measure the process sample.

NEW ENERGY supplies completely integrated systems including:


  • Detailed analysis of technical documentation;
  • Design and selection of most suitable analyzers depending on Customer requirements;
  • Design and manufacturing of Pressurized Local Cabinets /Air-Conditioned Local Cabinet/Walk-in Analyzer Shelters;
  • Sizing, design and manufacturing of HVAC systems;
  • Integration and management of Fire and Gas systems for Analyzer Houses and Local Cabinets;
  • Supply of detailed project documentation;
  • Inspection and test in our premises workshop;
  • Integrated system for process gas analysis;
  • Gas chromatographs, O2, CO, CO2 analyzers, moisture, H2S, others;
  • Design and integration of sampling system;
  • Solar and batteries powered system;
  • Complete pre-assembled analysis shelter;
  • Complete pre-assembled analysis rack;

Our specialization and expertise:

  • Analyzer Shelter Packages
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems (CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System)
  • Sampling Systems
  • Sampling Conditioning Systems
  • Analysis Systems
  • Analyzer Cabinets
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • Sampling Conditioning Water Systems
  • Oil in Water Monitoring Systems
  • Gas Analyzer Systems

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – (HVAC)

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