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NEW ENERGY is a global solution provider of modular process skids & packages. With our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we design and manufacture a wide range of custom built pre-assembled modular process systems for oil & gas, power, petrochemical and other process industries from concept to completion.  Our engineers have first-hand experience designing a range of skid packages with unique configurations. Our Solutions are driven by process requirements; fully optimized, certified, tested, “Engineered-to-Order” turnkey modular systems which ship ready to install “plug into” the process flow at your plant with guaranteed.

We have a vast global experience of delivering the turnkey solutions in accordance to the international standards.

Our specialization and expertise:


  • Fuel Gas Train Treatment Skids (ESD, Filtration, Metering, Analysis, Heater, Reducing)
  • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations and Final Filtering for Gas Turbine
  • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations for Auxiliary Boilers
  • Gas Odorizer Systems
  • Meter Provers
  • Pig Launching and Receiving Traps
  • Manifold Skids
  • Chemicals Injection Skids
    • Corrosion Inhibitors;
    • Methanol Injection;
    • Scale Inhibitors;
    • Wax Inhibitors;
    • Demulsifies;
    • Glycol:
    • Odorization;
    • Pour Point Depressant;
    • Antifoam;
    • Methanol;
    • Glycol;
    • DRAG Reducing Agent.
  • Chemical Dosing Systems for Water – Steam Cycle and Water
    • Raw Water treatment;
    • Make-up Water Tower;
    • Desalization;
    • Potabilization;
    • Waste;
  • Chemical Dosing Systems for Cooling Water Towers
    • Biocide;
    • Bio dispersant Sodium;
    • Hypochlorite;
    • Sulphur acid;
    • Oxygen Scavenger;
  • Piping Spools.


  • Early Production Facility
    • Manifold;
    • Well Test Production;
    • HP & LP Test Separator;
    • Slug Catcher;
    • Oil Stabilizer.
  • Glycol Dehydration Package & System (TEG & MEG)
  • Nitrogen Generation Packages (Membrane & PSA)
  • Hydrogen Generation Packages
  • Diesel Power Generation Packages
  • Instrument & Air Service Packages
  • Water Treatment Packages
    • Primary & Secondary Water;
    • Biological
  • Truck & Rail Loading Arm System
  • Fire Fighting Packages

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