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Our professional team has more than 25 years of intensive experience in the design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning of WHCP both offshore and onshore. We are able to design the WHCP to provide safe and reliable operations in line with customer specifications and international standards. We specialize in Single, Multi, PLC and HMI programming based, solar powered and self-contained wellhead control panels which meet the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability.

Our solutions are customizable for single and multiple wells ranging from pneumatic controls to an RTU based solution, on offshore platforms and even in hostile environments.

We offer a complete range of after-market services to ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of client resources.

NEW ENERGY Design Considerations:

  • Application: Onshore (single well) / Offshore (multi well);
  • Installation: Permanent / Temporary removable drawer module (well test);
  • Power Supply Options:  Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Flow Line Gas / Solar Power / Manual;
  • Hazardous area classification: Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2 / Zone unclassified;
  • Level of complexity: Conventional, hybrid, state of the art;
  • Details of valves to be controlled: Pressure levels, swept volumes;
  • Pneumatic Outputs: ESD Loop – 50 PSIG, Surface Safety Valves – 100 to 200 PSIG and process shut down requirements;
  • Driven Solution: Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electric / Solar power / Manual;
  • Hydraulic Outputs: 0 to 20,000 PSIG Sub-surface Safety Valve and Surface Safety Valves;
  • Operating mode: Hydraulic oil / Instrument air;
  • Control pressure: 50-100PSI;
  • Operating Control: Local and remote operation enabled system.
  • Ingress Protection: IP54;
  • PUMP: Electric and/or pneumatic pumps suitable for use with mineral oil or water glycol-based fluids;
  • Area Classification: Class 1 division I / II;
  • Option for SCADA based control;
  • Requirement of auxiliary tanks;
  • Additional hydraulic outputs requirements;
  • SSV, SCSSV, wing valve and choke valve-controlled operation;
  • Fully enclosed assembly with the Hydraulic Power Unit providing a common source of hydraulic power for each well control module;
  • Electro-Hydraulic, Pneumatic-Hydraulic, or Electro-Pneumatic instrumentation and control interfaces;
  • Air or Natural Gas Supply – 100 to 200 PSIG;
  • Standard or H2S-CO2 (NACE) service;
  • Accumulators, filters and instrumentation for both LP and HP supply headers.

Typical Applications Include:


  • WV Control
  • MV Control
  • SCSSSV Control
  • Choke Control
  • Gas Lift Control
  • Fire Protection
  • Flowline PSL / PSH
  • Remote Control / Stations
  • Emergency Shutdown Local / Remote



  • Gas or air driven Wellhead Control Panels with gas/air/low pressure hydraulic logic
  • Hydroelectric (relay based) hybrid control panels
  • State of the Art PLC based Wellhead Control Panels
  • Hydraulic Power Units

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