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Here's What We Do Better


Our expertise in every step of the design and manufacturing process provides you an optimum and most efficient and reliable solution. With NEW ENERGY you can assure that our all products adhere to the highest quality standards and specifications. That’s the reason which differentiate us from other manufacturers.

We Serve to the following industries:

Oil & Gas – Refineries – Petrochemicals – Power – Fertilizers – Industrial

We have the notable experience and expertise in the following products:


   NEW ENERGY is a global solution provider of modular process skids & packages. With our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities,we design and manufacture a wide range…


 Our professional team has more than 25 years of intensive experience in the design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning of WHCP both offshore and onshore. We are able to design the WHCP …


  Our experienced team of technicians and engineers can automate the system to control and monitor the operation. With our experienced team we can help in identifying the right solution that will fit in with the existing systems while keeping Plant Efficiency at its maximum…


NEW Energy has more than 25 years of enormous experience in the design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning Process Analyzer Systems to measure chemical and physical properties of gas and liquid streams…

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