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NEW ENERGY S.r.l. ensures that Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) remains priority to achieve maximum stakeholder’s satisfaction. We believe the quality of our products and services is crucial to our continued growth and success therefore our commitment to quality extends throughout our operations, where each production stage/ item of the project go through under stringent quality checks till the moment of final stage of delivery. Our extensive quality system strives to provide our customers high-quality products, fast lead times and excellent customer service.

NEW ENERGY’s certifications are vast and diverse, and adhere to international codes of practice including ASME, API, DIN, ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001, UNI EN 1090/3834 and many others, enabling our company to ensure our products and services to meet the project requirements with distinctive quality and evolves according to the ever-growing needs of our clients.

NEW ENERGY’s QMS provides the framework to help us reach the following objectives:


We carefully check the conformance of incoming raw materials to their specifications. Raw materials that do not comply with our requirements are returned to the suppliers and records of these in-coming inspections are maintained to assist us in the evaluation of our suppliers’ performance.


We adhere strictly to our approved supplier lists and purchase supplies from the approved suppliers. We hold regular meetings with suppliers for continuous improvement in the areas of quality, timeliness of delivery and price.


Measures relating to in-process quality control are implemented at various stages of our production processes to ensure that defective products or processes are identified and corrected at an early stage to minimize re-processing.


We garner feedback through regular meetings with our customers to review our performance and to assist our customers in resolving technical issues they face during installation processes. These feedback sessions allow us to understand our customers’ needs in a better way and enable us to improve our products and processes. 


  • To ensure all projects are turned over to our clients safely, free from defects, and fit for their intended purpose.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and conformance with all client specifications.
  • To monitor, identify, and improve our processes to provide improved performance leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • To train, develop, and promote our commitment to quality throughout our entire team of employees from senior management through to new workers.
  • To maintain positive relationships with our clients by soliciting, and making effective use of, their feedback.

We are committed to our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Systems which are certified and accredited by international standards and applied effectively through all levels of our organizational standards thus ensuring a top-level execution of job.

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